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The characteristics of a performance driven team include “a sense of purpose, open communication, trust and mutual respect, shared leadership, effective working procedures, building on differences, flexibility and adaptability, and continuous learning (Neumann, 2014)” (Grand Canyon University, 2018). All these features play a key role in successful teamwork and help guide organizations to have high performances. Continuous improvement will always occur in the health care organizations and performance drive teams will always be needed to provide quality services to patients.

Intrinsic motivation is classified as doing something because you enjoy it but do not get any kind of reward from it. “Psychological empowerment has been conceptualized as a form of intrinsic motivation to perform tasks manifested in four dimensions: meaning, competence, self-determination, and impact (Spreitzer 1995)” (Newman, Schwarz, Cooper, & Sendjaya, 2017, p.52). Extrinsic motivation is an act of doing something for a reward such as money, fame or praise. Understanding the types of motivation will influence how a team performs. If a leader expects their team to do well and be successful, they need some type of motivation. Things that interests the person or will benefit them in some way are types of motivation that can affect how they perform. To have a successful outcome, the team must be motivated, and the leader must understand the differences between types of motivation.

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