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Welcome to Module 8.4 Midterm Exam Part Two

Midterm Exam Essay Questions

The Essay Questions are due on Sunday, March 22, by 11 pm.


Below are seven different essay questions, one for each of the first seven modules. Each question has at least one or two parts. Make sure you answer the whole question. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me using canvas email. If it is urgent, then please call me at 619 890 0009, and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Upload your essay answers

In this section, you will upload your answers to the essay questions for the midterm exam. They should have been sent to you via email, but if you didn’t receive them, they are also below.

Spelling and Grammar

Please make sure you answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Remember that spelling and grammar count. You are allowed to have a few minor errors, but you should write your answers in standard academic English with very few if any spelling and grammar errors.


Please do not cheat in any manner. You are not allowed to merely cut and paste answers from the internet or any book. Do not copy from other students. The standard rules apply that if I find out that you have cheated you will receive a zero on the exam.


You must produce original work. You may use paraphrases and quotes but quotes should be kept to a minimum.

Make sure you cite any quotes or paraphrases. If you use an author used in the class, you merely need to provide the name and page number. However, if you use any other author than the ones used in the class, please provide a full reference at the bottom of the essay.

Midterm Exam Essay Questions

  1. Introduction to Religious Studies
    1. Prothero thinks that being religiously literate is a good thing. Explain what he means by religious literacy and give me your interpretation of why he thinks so. (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)
  2. Hinduism
    1. In Hinduism, samsara (reincarnation) is an integral part of their belief system. Write me a paragraph or two (100 words minimum) explaining this concept. Be sure to also include the following concepts: dharma, samsara, moksha, yoga, and karma. You may include other concepts if you wish. (25 points possible)
  3. Jainism
    1. Briefly explain the main ideas of Jainism. Be sure to include karma, samsara, asceticism, non-violence, and non-attachment. You may include other concepts as you wish.
    2. Finally, what is your honest opinion of Jainism? Please justify your answer. (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)
  4. Buddhism
    1. What does Buddhism mean by “all existence is suffering?”
    2. Do you agree with the claim that life is suffering?
    3. Pick one or two of the eightfold path which you think is the most important and explain what it means and why it is the most important to you. (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)
  5. Sikhism
    1. Briefly explain how Sikhism is a syncretism. In other words, explain the Islamic aspect of Sikhism, and also explain the Hindu aspect of Sikhism.
    2. Additionally, explain how Sikhism is a new religion, not just a syncretism of those two religions. (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)
  6. Confucianism
    1. Briefly explain, in one paragraph, Confucianism using the concepts of Ren (Humaneness), Li(ritual, or rite), Zhong (Loyalty), and Filial Piety.
    2. Then explain the concept of Junzi (the superior man) and what place it has in Confucianism. (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)
  7. Daoism
    1. Briefly explain, in one paragraph, the main ideas of Daoism.
    2. Now that you have studied both Confucianism and Taoism, which religious ethical system do you like and why? (100 words minimum, 25 points possible.)

The Essay Questions are due on Sunday, March 22, by 11 pm.

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