reflection paper guidelines 1 paper expectations write minimally two full pages due date monday march 2 2020 before class font use times new roman with 1 inch margins and font no bigger than 12 be sure to double space and cite writing t

Reflection Paper Guidelines #1

Paper Expectations: Write, minimally, two full pages.

Due Date: Monday, March 2, 2020 before class

Font: Use Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins, and font no bigger than “12.” Be sure to double space and cite.

Writing Topics:

  • Where does Cornel West argue that Western norms about beauty and civility come from in the book chapter “A Genealogy of Modern Racism?”
    • (Meaning: give a brief sketch of his argument. Do NOT articulate if you agree or disagree. )
  • What does he mean by the phrase the “normative gaze?”
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