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Objective: Complete a 1-2 minute multimedia project, on any topic and through whatever means you have available, that combines two or more forms of media that combine to convey a message or topic. Accompany your project with a 1-paragraph reflection where you reflect on the critical, creative and technical considerations you faced in the production process (see prompts below).

Project requirements

  • You connect multimodal “sign systems”: Various media must work synergistically, working in tandem to express a message or topic.
  • Music must be included in the project–either it plays in the background of your video recording, or you add it in post-production if you already have experience using tools like iMovie. Make do with whatever skillset you currently have.
  • Your message or topic must be clear: We should be able to discern what your project is “about.”
  • Yet, you should be striving to accomplish something unique: how can you depict your message in a creative and unexpected way?
  • Can’t find/edit media assets? Hack a solution: This a good opportunity to demonstrate your creativity around technical hurdles.

Reflection requirements

Accompany your project with a 1-paragraph critical reflection:

  • What was the message that you wanted to convey? How are two or more media forms working synergistically to express this message?
  • Describe your prior experience. Are you fluent with music, image and/or video production currently, or are some of these areas new to you?

What to upload

  1. First, post your media file (.mov, .mp4, etc) to as a “Media Upload” to Kaltura. Include your critical reflection in the Description box. Use the naming convention Lab1_[Name]_[Title] as your file name.
  2. You’ll need to complete all the required fields and save the entry before you can select to publish it the Media Gallery for others in the class to view. This is a required step, so don’t skip it. (Note that the upload process needs to complete successfully for the “Published” option to be enabled.)
  3. Post your critical reflection paragraph as a text box submission within Canvas, and embed your Kaltura project into the text box by clicking on the Embed Kaltura Media button.
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