please answer comprehensive problems that i have it in my account business

please answer comprehensive problems that I have it in my account can solve one question and go back and save it later to continue the others. by going to my account that i send you , and you can finish within 10 days

The comprehensive problem may be treated like homework. That is you will have multiple attempts at all parts and you may save and go back at any time until you submit. Please follow the instructions carefully and give yourself enough time to complete by the deadline.

The comprehensive problem is worth 100 points towards your final grade. Take your time and enjoy this experience that is meant to validate the financial accounting knowledge and skills that you master in the course.

Through chapter 4 we will have completed an entire accounting cycle for service and merchandising corporations. As such you should be poised to get started. As you progress you may find chapters we are working on to be helpful towards completing the various parts of the accounting cycle.

Best wishes for much success on the comprehensive problem and please be sure to post your questions related to the comprehensive problem to the discussion board in any week/module beginning with this week

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