pathophysiology answer 4 questions about a patient presenting with cystitis

Ms. T, age 28 years, has noticed urgency, frequency, and dysuria recently, as well as an unusual odor to the urine. Urinalysis indicated a heavy concentration of Escherichia coli in the urine, some pus, and WBCs.

Ms. T was prescribed antibiotics, which she took for the first few days. This seemed to give her relief, but she then stopped taking the medication. Within a few days, the symptoms returned, but she decided to “just live with it.”

Discussion Questions

  1. Explain why women are predisposed to cystitis.
  2. What preventive measures are important in reducing recurrence?
  3. Discuss other signs and symptoms that may indicate cystitis.
  4. What potential problems may she experience if she does not adhere to the treatment prescribed?
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