over the past two decades people around the world organized transnational movements and campaigns to oppose what they saw as the negative developmental aspects of globalization and or to propose and implement alternative development practices choose on

It must be organized around a clear argument (thesis statement) addressing the essay question. The discussion must be presented in the context of the issues and concepts discussed in class, and must integrate relevant sources from class readings.

¨ It should contain an introduction, a thesis statement (in bold), a main body, and a concluding paragraph. Each paragraph must be clearly structured around a topic sentence (in bold).

¨ It must be thoroughly and properly documented using standard academic references (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) for quotations or paraphrased sources, and referencing specific page numbers. Students must choose one of these styles or use the style specified by the TA, and consistently follow the referencing format as outlined in SPARK: https://spark.library.yorku.ca/creating-bibliograp…

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