on the instruction below 6

What the paper MUST have, otherwise it’s not acceptable by the professor.

  1. Pick a social problem that you are interested in researching- Domestic Violence (topic chosen)

Paper MAIN Content:

  1. A) Define the Social Problem
    1. Identify the social problem (1-2 paragraphs)
    2. How are you affected by this problem? (1 paragraph)
  2. B) Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives
    1. Define the problem based on the THREE theoretical perspectives (3 paragraphs)
    2. Which theoretical perspective do you prefer in explaining this social problem and why? (1paragraph)
  3. C) Solutions
    1. Identify at least one solution to the problem using EACH theoretical perspective (3paragraphs)
    2. What are some societal obstacles that would make these solutions unattainable (2paragraphs)
  4. D) Personal Opinion and Critique on the Problem and its Solution
    1. Defend your position on this problem using one of the theoretical perspectives
    2. Defend your position on what we can do to solve this problem

Paper MUST be: Estimated length of paper/project is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, APA format (MUST BE)

Must be submitted before 12 am today, due to my wifi acting up because of the weather I do apologize for the last minute.

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