final policy paper

***Please read the requirement carefully***

***I will provide you a paper for you to develop, DO NOT choose a new topic***


You will take your policy brief assignments and turn them into an in-depth policy analysis paper.

You will utilize the brief to expand on your key recommendations, flushing out their

implications, potential outcomes, and implementation strategy. The final paper will also ask you

to consider obstacles your policy recommendations might face and a few suggestions of how to

overcome these obstacles.


Building from your policy brief, your full policy analysis paper should be broken down as


● A brief description of the relationship between the country you’ve chosen and the US (i.e.

significance) and a short background on the policy history of the US on the chosen topic.

(~2 pages)

● Take your bullet pointed proscribed recommendations and flush out each of the points.

Include a short discussion about how you would recommend implementing this


(~3-4 pages)

This should include considering:

â—‹What agencies would be included.

â—‹Whether or not multilateral engagement is necessary and with whom.

â—‹What kinds of resources might be required.

â—‹What you would need the other country to do for it to be effective.

●A set of expected outcomes as they pertain to political, economic, and/or security

implications. Here you should now also include information about what obstacles might

occur and how to overcome them.


●A short conclusion flushing out your broader strategy with engaging your chosen country

on your chosen topic.

(~½ to 1 page)

●One graphic to take up no more than ⅓ of a page.


●8-10 pages, double-spaced.

●Times New Roman, 12pt font w/1” margins

●In-text citations and sources in APSA format.

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