cosmology project

write an essay that relates to astronomy(no less than 1700 words)

Physics 20B: Cosmology (Winter 2020) Final Projects

The final projects involve any creative activity on any topic related to astronomy, space science, cosmology, either already discussed in class or not covered in class. The possibilities are numerous and activities can range from a web site, an entry to Wikipedia, to writing and composing a song, writing a play, writing a movie synopsis, making a video that you can upload to YouTube, among many other possibilities that I haven’t even considered.

The only requirement is your project must be original and must involve about 20 hours of work in total per person, spread over 4 weeks (ie 5 hours a week till the last week of classes). Projects may be completed individually or as groups of not more than 3 students, but the complexity of the project must then be proportional to the number of you involved in that project. If group projects, you must provide short written statements on what the individual contributions were to that project. I will, however, give the same score to all students in one group.

The only thing I will not accept as a final project is a simple typed-up research paper on
a topic in astronomy or cosmology (ie. descriptive papers that simply summarize what we already know about a planet, stars, galaxies etc). These are typically the type of papers that you may have completed in high school and are easy to complete with Google. Instead of simply typing up a research paper on existing knowledge, I will accept projects that have original ideas and show your own work clearly.

The final projects are due on March 12, 2020.

Depending on your exact project you will
submit for example:
1. If a website, the URL and an electronic copy of the website saved to a memory stick. 2. If some creative activity, a copy of your work, either as a hard copy or electronic form again saved to a memory stick.

I will return originals back after Spring break. Here are some ideas, but this list is not complete:

1. A short movie synopsis about human exploration of space, without plagiarizing movies already made. (In this case you will submit the typed up synopsis/script. A movie synopsis is not simply writing a story, you must also introduce the characters, provide background information, and a summary of the story. A completed movie script will involve the full dialogue between characters as actors/actresses as they would read it on set during the production. This is not necessary since I would not expect you to write such a script in 4 weeks).

2. A website summarizing Mars rovers so far and how you think future Mars exploration should look like. (in this case you will submit the URL and also a copy of the website in a memory stick).


  1. A fictional short story on finding life on another planet. (in this case you will submit the story typed up).
  2. A non-fictional play/act describing the recent activities at NASA’s Mars Rover Mission

Control Office, trying to rescue a rover stuck on sand. (in this case you will submit the act written up, this will be similar to movie script).

  1. A song on cosmological models at the time of Galileo, for example, or anything in astronomy/cosmology/space. (in this case you will submit the song and the musical score for instruments involved. you may also compose a non-vocal piece).
  2. An idea for a new TV show centered on astronomy/cosmology/space. This would be like #1 on a movie synopsis. If it is really good I will put you in touch with a production company that makes series for Netflix and other streaming services.
  3. A new children’s book on astronomy/cosmology/space – you can design the book and submit the original, which I will return back. If it is really good you can self-publish on Amazon.

You will retain copyrights to all projects that you submit. Once again the projects must be original, your or your group’s own work. This is the only thing I emphasize.

There are many other possibilities than the ones I list. These are just suggestions, please be creative and design a project of your own.

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