come to my building our apartments are the best in the city and i ll make you a good deal

Elizabeth and Stacey first met in college. They became great friends and shared many laughs over the years. When Elizabeth graduated college, she bought an apartment building in Northville and began a successful career as a landlord. After graduate school, Stacey got a job in Northville and was looking for a place to live. She called her good buddy Elizabeth, who said “Come to my building! Our apartments are the best in the city and I’ll make you a good deal!”

Things were great for the first few months, and the apartment was lovely. When the heating broke, however, Stacey called Elizabeth to fix it. Elizabeth said “How can you call me now?? You know I am devasted over my recent breakup and I can’t think about your heat!” Stacey tried to console her friend, but after a few days she was really cold. She was frustrated with her friend, who refused to do her job as a landlord, though she understood that it was a complicated situation.

When Stacey’s rent was due, she told Elizabeth she would pay “as soon as the heater is working.” This upset Elizabeth, who believed the heat was Stacey’s responsibility.

Stacey comes to you, her friend, and she is very upset about the situation. She does not want to sue her friend, because they have such a detailed history, but she doesn’t know what else to do. She really thinks they can work something out, if she could just have someone help them listen to each other. Stacey doesn’t want to spend a fortune getting this resolved and hopes to have a decision very quickly.

Please write an essay discussing Stacey’s options – mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
Please tell Stacey the advantages and disadvantages of each option and be sure to draw a conclusion as to Stacey’s best plan of action.

NOTE: Without a copy of the lease, you do not know who is actually responsible for the heater, so you do not need to discuss this issue.

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