case study analysis orgnization behavior

Make a specific conclusion about what the article means. Meaning, what is your opinion of the article’s point? In other words, is the article’s point or exploration of a technique likely to make managing employees or organizations more effective and why?

Then, consider an alternative view. If it’s a negative article, what positive uses/benefits could there be that the article didn’t consider? Conversely, if a positive article, or basically a review of text topic or management technique, what are the potential risks, possible failures, to be aware of? In other words, what are the pros and cons implications to a manager, or expert in organizational behavior?

The paper should not be more than 4 pages long double spaced.

Start it with a synopsis of the article, no more than a page.

It should summarize the article so that anyone reading your paper, including myself, can understand what the article was about related to a text, course topic. Then complete the paper by following the instructions above.

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