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For this assessment, you will develop and deliver a professional product to address the health problem defined in your first assessment to improve care and the patient experience. Appropriate examples include a handout to help families of addicts to understand resources available to them and their in need loved one. The product must be useful in a practice setting, relevant to your project, and designed to improve some aspect of care or the patient experience that can be used in your own practice, with your family or community.

  • Teaching plan – create a pamphlet for families of addicts. Discuss resources that are available to them: Phone support, internet sites, in person counseling and therapy, etc.

Your submission will consist of two parts: an APA-formatted paper providing your rationale and supporting evidence, and the professional product.

For the brief APA-style paper, one organizational option is:

  • Summary of intervention and implementation:
    • What did you do?
    • How did you lead in terms of the processes used in the project?
      • With what participants?
    • Who were your interprofessional collaborators?
      • How did you lead them in this project?
      • What were your key findings?

  • Evidence-based rationale for professional product development:
    • What professional product did you develop?
    • Why did you choose this type of product?
    • How does it align with your intervention?
    • How will the product help improve outcomes?
    • How will the product enhance the patient experience?
    • How does the product improve a process related to quality, safety, and/or cost of care?
    • How do relevant research, evidence, and best practices support your choice of professional product and approach?
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