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READ: “Corporate Image to Brand Image- Yuhan-Kimberly” in Management as a Liberal Art: A Selection of Readings, pages 77-78.

In this chapter, you will read about the actions of Yuhan-Kimberly’s CEO, Kook-Hyun Moon and his involvement in bettering the environment through renewable forests. Peter Drucker argues that organizations should seek first to achieve their primary mission. Is forest restoration directed related to Yuhan-Kimberly’s business? If not, how can it be justified from a financial standpoint? Finally, how do Yihan-Kimberly’s actions in regards to the environment align with Peter Drucker’s vision of a corporation which furthers the public good?


When it comes to me, I think Drucker’s idea that “organizations should seek first to achieve their primary mission” is suitable for those start-up companies, because survival is the only objective for those start-up companies. And achieving the primary mission is important for this stage. However, when a company grows, its objective actually changes and the company should start thinking about how to survive among the competition. In that stage, building reputation and obtaining public’s trust are important, and involvement in bettering the environment through renewable forests is definitely a right thing to do to build the reputation.

Yuhan-Kimberly is a company that produces and sells baby diapers, napkins, tissues, and paper towels. The company was involved in bettering the environment through renewable forests. I do not think this involvement is completely unrelated to its primary mission since what the company sells are paper-related products which use trees as raw material. I agree with Kook-Hyun Moon, CEO, that private-sector organizations hold great power in capitalist societies and with great power comes great responsibility. Involvement in bettering the environment through renewable forests can definitely improve public good and help a company to obtain public’s trust


Huang, J., & Kim, H. J. (2011). Conceptualizing the processes, benefits, and challenges of organizational lifelong learning at Yuhan-Kimberly, Korea: the notion of anticipative affordance. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(07), 1423-1441.


In my opinion, the forest restoration is directly related to Yuhan-Kimberly’s business. By dedicating to the forest restoration project for the environment preservation of the Korean Peninsula. Yuhan-Kimberly devoted several years of effort with a fund to gather professional expertise, offering corporate-sponsored programs, sponsoring environmental research, and planting more trees. These efforts have been able to differentiate Yuhan-Kimberly’s brand from other competitors in the market, especially Procter & Gamble, the major competitor with outstanding absorbent capacity and slim design. While most companies are dedicated to making more and more profits, Yuhan-Kimberly joined the environmental campaign reminding people in the country the importance of sustainability starting from protecting the environment. People can easily see how much the brand has devoted to although its primary focus should be maximizing profits and investors’ interests. Maintaining sufficient forests can not be done within just a few years. Instead, it needs concentrated efforts throughout the years to plant, maintain, and protect. Every individual is well aware of the difficulties of doing so. The least customers can do is to make a difference by their purchasing decision to contribute their input in the restoration, which benefits the sales of Yuhan-Kimberly. This may not be the most cost-efficient marketing approach, but Yuhan-Kimberly was able to utilize it to defeat Procter & Gamble which is an international, successful manufacturer. It was selected as the most admired company for 16 years.


Shin, J. (2019, February 20). Yuhan-Kimberly selected as most admired company for 16 years. Retrieved from…

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