1400 words chinese literature review essay university level mla format 1

Topic: Provide a comparative thematic analysis of two or three literary works we have studied in the course. One of the works must be a novel, either Pa Chin’s Family or Lao She’s Rickshaw Boy, the other one or two may be short stories or the play Thunderstorm by Cao Yu.

Suggested Themes:

    1. social injustice
    2. gender inequality
    3. feudal ritualism
    4. tensions between traditional culture and new culture

You need to discuss how the novel/short story expresses one of these themes. What issue(s)does the novel/story address? What is the author’s point of view or argument regarding the issue(s)— This is often the theme of the literary work. Also, you need to analyze how such theme is revealed through the story.

General Requirements:

1) You need to formulate your thesis statement.

2) You need to support your arguments with evidence from the texts. And you need to provide explanations for your statements/arguments. It is not sufficient to simply tell me what; you need to explain why.

3) You need to demonstrate a good understanding of the texts and issues in discussion.

4) Please carefully document your reference sources as well as in-text citations.

5) Please pay attention to grammar and spelling, organization and coherence. Please take your essay to the Writing Centre to have it checked before submitting it if you are not so sure of your English writing skills.

Please submit on Brightspace, in Word file. Please include your name in the file name.

Please refer to the syllabus for the format requirements.

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