write literature review of academic papers on blockchain technology the literature review paper should follow apa writing guideline 1

Refer to academic papers attached and write a paper which reviews the literature.

The paper should be approximately 12 pages (this does not include the title page, abstract, references, appendix), it should contain at about 6 citations and it should have following sections.

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Sections in your paper should address:
    1. Introduction
    2. Background/Literature Review
    3. Relevant Theory Exploration
    4. Findings/Examples
    5. Lessons Learned
    6. Future Research
  4. References (non-annotated)
  5. Appendix:
    1. Any other tables, graphs, images pertinent to your discussion in item 3 above.

Expecting a draft in 10hours and final paper in 18hours. Expecting a word document. Paper should follow APA writing guideline.

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