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Choose ONE of the following two essay topics:

1. Since 2011-2013, Turkey’s ranking in liberal democratic indices has slipped. Use your assigned readings (you may add one or two external academic sources, if needed) to explain the factors and evidence that have contributed to Turkey’s categorization as an “illiberal democracy”.

2. Though one of the first countries to push for Constitutional Democracy (1906), Iran’s search for democracy has been long and arduous. Currently, its government is referred to as a “Theocratic Republic”, or as a hybrid state with democratic and non-democratic institutions. Use your readings to explain the interplay between these two forces in Iran. Be sure to include Presidential (and parliamentary) elections in Iran, and the trends towards reform or conservatism that they have represented in your discussion.

Your essay must be double-spaced, 12 font, one inch margins; three – four page maximum and minimum. You must provide an endnotes page (NOT a works cited page) citing your sources and page numbers from your sources. Include several articles (3-5) from your reading, one of which should be your main text. Again, you may, but do not have to, use outside academic sources, if needed.

Do not submit a first draft!! Make sure you submit a final draft that flows and follows a clear outline!

please check the attached rubric

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