week 2 assignment brand affiliation

In this case study, you are the Asset Manager for a large hotel Real Estate Investment Trust. Your company is in the process of due diligence on a hotel in the Midwest. In the case study you are given facts about the hotel, the market, and the potential impacts of your branding decisions.

Using the information in the case, and what you have learned to date, you will recommend what type – if any – of brand affiliation the hotel should make, and why.

Please make certain you begin this assignment early, and refer to the grading rubric as you work.

Format requirements:

  • Microsoft Word
  • 12 Point Font
  • Margins 1.5 inch top and bottom, 1 inch left and right.
  • No grammatical nor spelling errors
  • Minimum 3 pages.
  • You may use Excel for your financial projection(s), but you must copy into your word document.
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