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This week, you will finish working on Case I, which is due at the end of the week. This case is the Excel Master It! Problem at the end of Chapter 5 on page 163 of your text. This case is a classic retirement problem that utilizes Time Value of Money principles. You will need to provide answers to items A, B, and C in the exercise using Excel to present your calculations. You must use functions and formulas to perform all necessary calculations. Submissions with only numbers and no formulas or functions will not receive credit for this assignment. Your submission must be neatly organized and must clearly present your work and results.

Excel Master It! Problem

This is a classic retirement problem. A friend is celebrating her birthday and wants to start saving for her anticipated retirement. She has the following years to retirement and retirement spending goals:

Years until retirement: 30
Amount to withdraw each year: $90,000
Years to withdraw in retirement: 20
Interest rate: 8%

Because your friend is planning ahead, the first withdrawal will not take place until one year after she retires. She wants to make equal annual deposits into her account for her retirement fund.

  1. If she starts making these deposits in one year and makes her last deposit on the day she retires, what amount must she deposit annually to be able to make the desired withdrawals at retirement?
  2. Suppose your friend just inherited a large sum of money. Rather than making equal annual payments, she decided to make one lump-sum deposit today to cover her retirement needs. What amount does she have to deposit today?
  3. Suppose your friend’s employer will contribute to the account each year as part of the company’s profit-sharing plan. In addition, your friend expects a distribution from a family trust several years from now. What amount must she deposit annually now to be able to make the desired withdrawals at retirement?
Employer’s annual contribution: $ 1,500
Years until trust fund distribution: 20
Amount of trust fund distribution: $25,000
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