need help with milestone 3 of my nordstrom expansion essay

About: For the summative assessment in this course, you will bring your finance and economics knowledge to bear by preparing an external capital funding proposal for a major international investment at a publicly traded corporation. In order to secure the support of potential financial backers, your proposal will need to lay out what the proposed investment opportunity is, how it fits within the company’s broader mission and goals, its financial impact, and the amount being requested and why (including alternative funding mechanisms considered). In addition, it will also need to include information on the organization’s context, risk factors,and microeconomic assumptions that could affect the success of the investment.

note: The paper will focus on Nordstrom Inc and expanding into Paris, France. For the Finance impact section C1, you need to identify the cash flows from the project, in and out, for the next seven to ten years. You should actually do C2 first so that you can pick up the Net Income for each year as an inflow. Your outflow will be the capital investment up front. For C2, project the business as is for the next 7-10 years and then project again with the selected expansion.

attached are the other milestones for reference.

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