information security and risk management 17

Topic: Information Security and Risk Management

You are the CIO for a Global Trade and Logistics Company. This company transports goods globally via boat, train, plane and rail. The products include food, pharmaceuticals, and weapons. They have to ensure that the goods arrive safely to each port. While the company has offices in over 200 countries, their three major cities are Seattle, London and Singapore. Each city has a data center which houses 10 physical servers, over 1000 virtual servers, and hosts their nearly 15,000 employees along with customers and vendors.

Using the methodologies, we have covered:

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Create a Risk Mitigation Plan

What laws, treaties or conditions apply?

Perform a BIA (Business Impact Analysis)

Create a BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

Create a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

Create a CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team)


Need minimum 2500 words

Abstract 250 words

Body 2000 words

Conclusion 250 words

Need Charts if Applicable

Need Figures if Applicable

Need minimum 5 APA References

Required Power Point Presentation

Presentation must be supported by the research paper.

Presentation must be between 10 to 15 slides (Exclude Title and Reference Slides)

Each Slide need notes

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