ethics in business research

Chapter 13 and Ethics in Business Research both discussed business research methods and ethical considerations. Think about the kind of research you might be conducting as part of the group project final paper and answer the following questions in grammatically correct, well-edited responses. Please do not use only bullet points or short answers. Your responses will be graded both for content and for correct usage of spelling and grammar.

Your responses do not have to be what your group is actually doing or has discussed–this is a place for you to present your ideal research scenario for the topic. Do not discuss your answer with your group members–This is a TurnitIn assignment, and any responses that are too similar to others in the class will be flagged as cheating.

Your answers should be 250-300 words.

Answer these prompts:

1). What kinds of research do you think might be useful for answering the purpose of your group’s research? Secondary? Primary? If secondary, where might you find that information? What kind of primary research tactics might you use? Are there people you could interview? Things to observe? Content to gather and analyze? Survey questions you could ask? (Be creative–I’m not looking for one kind of answer!).

2). What kind of ethical concerns does this research present? Are there any possible “harms” to consider? How will you protect your participants (if primary) or credit your sources (for either secondary or primary research)?

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