essay 211

After reading Goodman, Brandon & Fisher’s “1968: Music as Rhetoric in Social Movements,” think about what music you’re familiar with that’s been used in social movements. In a discussion board post (200 words), tell us about a song (include a YouTube link, if possible) that had a rhetorical purpose within a social movement. While this article focuses on the ’60s and early ’70s, examples of music as rhetoric can be found at almost any time. The genesis of mainstream rap music in the early ’90s is a fruitful place to look, if that’s a genre you’re interested in, as well as a lot of music produced in the last few years. I’d start with a genre of music you’re interested in, then do some research to figure out how it’s been used socially and rhetorically. In your discussion post, tell us about the song, the time period in which it came out, the social movement it was influencing, and how the song is working rhetorically. Did the song do what it was intended to do? How effective was it and why?

In addition to posting your own song, please reply to at least two (2) other posts with additional thoughts or comments. Think of these as the online version of our class discussions. I’m not going to provide a word requirement for responses–I trust you all to think critically and respond thoughtfully.

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