broadcast interview

Conduct an actual recorded news interview with someone other than a relative, roommate or friend. It can be radio (aural only) or TV (audio-visual). You should seek out someone who is newsworthy, and your questions should relate to current events. You must actually talk with this person — face to face, on the telephone, or over the Internet using Skype or similar software.

Your interviewee can be someone who holds a leadership position in an organization or just someone who is newsworthy by criteria such as timeliness, impact, proximity, conflict, uniqueness, prominence and emotion.

Verify factual assertions. Give information from at least two additional sources, either human or documentary, and name the sources in the text of the story.

Start by telling your audience something newsworthy about the person or what he or she said. Identify the hypothetical audience you are writing for. For example, you could say the story is for listeners of your radio station or viewers of your TV station or your blog/vlog, that the audience is Troy University students or residents of Troy or your hometown. You can also choose to prepare an interview of 4 minutes specifically designed for use on WTSU-FM, our NPR affiliate on 1st floor of Wallace Hall.

Make it professional, not chatty, not casual, not sloppy.

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