based on the results of below given research study please explain following points

Based on the results of below given research study, please explain following points;

Bansal, R. N., & Malhotra, M. (2016). A case study of motivational levels among personnel working in a government teaching hospital of Punjab. Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal, 9(2), 585-591.

Explain diversity among hospital employees.

Identify groups of hospital employees which have low motivation level.

Explain reasons of low motivation among employees by applying motivation theories.

Explain the leadership traits and approaches hospital managers can use to obtain desired behavior from low motivation level employees.


Length of the write-up should be 750-1000 words.

Font should be Times New Roman, and size should be 12.

Line spacing should be 2.0.

Proper headings with number should be given for each segment

Citation of the article should be in APA style.

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