arch history

There is FOUR Lectures. Use example buildings from each Lecture to answer their respective Focus Questions that will be listed below here:

Below are Focus Questions:

Lecture 2.1: We know that the intentional placement of park in urban area helps the city to breathe. What strategies were implemented to reinforce this? Use an example of a site/building from Lecture 2.1 to answer this question.

Lecture 2.2: Why is art & craft such a vital part of modern architecture and how does it influence the complexity of a building? Use an example of buildings from Lecture 2.2 .

Lecture 2.3: What are the characteristics of early 20th century European architecture? Why did they use these characteristics in their designs? Use an example of buildings from Lecture 2.3

Lecture 2.4: The architectural promenade concept developed from research in ancient architecture by architects who design spaces and placed their buildings in a very strategic way within the landscape. Discuss the role of architectural promenade precedents in Le Corbusier’s architecture. Use an example of buildings from Lecture 2.4.

Example of each lecture.

Lecture 2.1 Union Station,Washington, DC, 1907 Daniel Burnham

Lecture 2.2 Winslow House, River Forest, 1893 Frank Lloyd Wright

Lecture 2.3 Pravda Newspaper, 1924 Victor & Alexandr Vesnin

Lecture 2.4 Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp, France, 1950-54, Le Corbusier

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