week 1 ass

APA format per question half page.

1. Describe the advances and disadvantage of an EHR.

2. Explain the difference between EHR, EMR, and Practice management software.

3. Describe the basic function EHR and explain clinical and administrative tools found in an EHR system.

4. Describe the clinical decision support feature. Explain how this feature help to improve patient care.

5. Research meaningful use (MU) criteria. Describe specific EHR functions that meet MU requirements.

6. You work in a urology practice, and a 51-year-old married patient, Mr. Ratner, undergoes a vasectomy because he does not wish to have any more children. He Confides to the Physician That he’s concerned his mistress may become pregnant. He has the procedure performed while his wife is out of town, and he requests that information about the vasectomy not be disclosed to her under any circumstances. Thinking about your role in protecting the integrity of the medical record, address the following questions in your response:

Does Mrs. Ratner have the right to know that her husband has had a vasectomy? Does Mr. Ratner’s physician or this staff have a right or obligation to tell her? If Mrs Ratner is also a patient in the practice, does that change your answer?

7. Describe 5 safeguards (2 administrative, 2 physical, and 1 technical) that are utilized with EHR and/or practice management systems (PMS) to comply with HIPAA.

8. Describe how the privacy rule pertains to professional communication in the health care environment.

9. Describe how templates increase the efficiency of electronic communications.

10. Explain the importance of eliminating duplicated EHR records, purging records, and backing up the EHR.

11. Describe the information, vital signs, and anthropometric measurements obtained during an office visit.

12. Discuss the information found in the different histories: medical, surgical, family and social.

13. Discuss the importance of tracking a patient’s preventive health screenings and immunizations.

14. Explain how a progress note is created by a provider.

15. Discuss the importance of accurately completing order entry of labs, imaging, and medical tests. What could occur if errors occur during the ordering process?

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