thoughtful essay of at least 350 words history

it is required 350 words, and please follow the textbook that i’ll upload and the link that i posted it with do not use any outside sources.

after reading the Chapter you do need to use examples that you cite from the reading so keep that in mind. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade. Any simple citation style works, including something like this (Brand, Chapter One, Section 5).

option B, you will be investigating the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). Read chapter seven in our book and the information at the included web sites below. What were the outstanding accomplishments of the Byzantine empire under Justinian and Theodora’s rule? What was Theodora’s role in the governance of Constantinople? What was unusual about her role, for the time? In what ways did they preserve the culture of the Roman Empire and help solidify the importance and expansion of Christianity? Don’t forget to respond to one peer.…

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