select the appropriate qualitative research tradition

Assignment 1: Evaluate, and then choose between two selected qualitative research traditions that are appropriate within the qualitative method and relevant to your educational problem of inquiry. You will confirm your selected research design choice in Assignment 2.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. After review of the Week 1 Resources and Figure 1.1, select two relevant qualitative research designs that could be used to explore a focused educational problem of inquiry.
  2. Evaluate the strengths and challenges of both research designs and cite the scholarly research guides to support your evaluation.
  3. Summarize the benefits of both research designs to explore your specific educational problem of inquiry.

Length: 2-3 PowerPoint slides (2 additional slides for title and References)

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly research guides and reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.

Assignment 2, and after a review of the Week 1 Resources (see below), you will create a video presentation to explain your selection of a qualitative research design appropriate for the qualitative method and the educational problem of inquiry.

Be sure to describe how and why this specific research design is appropriate and relevant to your qualitative research focus.

Length: 1-2 minutes. Upload document or notes. Document length 3-5 pages.

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