research paper on two careers

You are to research two careers (Video Game Designer & Comic Book Author) and write an 8-10 page (works cited page not included) research paper. You must cite your references. Your paper should be typed in 12 pt. font, Time New Roman, and Double Space Only! Must be written with no spelling or grammar errors. Use complete sentences. There should be absolutely no plagiarism. The paper must be written in your own words. If you are citing information, you must indicate where you received the information. Plagiarism will result in an automatic failure. If more than 30% is plagiarized, then the paper will receive a 0. Your report should include the following:

Daily Routines (What does a day at this job look like, include many duties)

Education and Training Requirements

Skills Needed for the Profession

Advantages and Disadvantages

Is the job available in Mississippi

Job Environment (what does it look like? It is outside, inside, fast pace, slow pace, hot, cold, physical requirements)

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