project part 3 demographics and impact

Getting Started

6.5 Intro_60288981In your final workshop activity, you will add to your social action proposal. You will summarize what you have learned in this workshop about demographics, populations at risk, and diversity in your community or organization. Your Demographics and Impact section of the proposal should succinctly interpret the data that you have collected. It should also identify opportunities and barriers for engaging diverse communities in your change effort.

This activity is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have carefully considered the impact of power, diversity, and difference and that you have fully assessed structural and institutional support and barriers that might affect your efforts.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Explore the impact diversity and difference have in working with communities and organizations. (PO 2)
  • Interpret information and data collected from communities and organizations. (PO 8)


  • APA 6e Guide: Based on Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6 th ed.

Background Information

6.5 Bkgrd_121358064Over the course of Workshop Four, you have added to your understanding of your community or organizational social action proposal by evaluating public data sources such as the United States Census Community Facts and other locally available demographic data. Demonstrating that you have knowledge of key population data, diversity, and populations at risk help demonstrate that you are intimately familiar with your community or organization and that you fully understand what it needs. Continue to search for community or organizational data as you develop your proposal, as these data help make your proposal more robust and compelling.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Write a 250 word summary of community needs, demographics, and the impact of demographics on your social action project proposal. Cite relevant census data and other locally available data. Your summary should be in narrative form and address the following prompts:
    1. Describe the demographics of your community or organization, including specific demographic data impacting the social problem that you identified for your social action proposal. At a minimum, you should identify population size, major demographics data (gender, race, education, and income) in the community, and median age.
    2. Interpret the meaning of the demographic data. How does this relate to your project?
    3. Identify populations at risk that may be served by your social action project.
  3. Your writing should be well developed with clear answers and evidence of critical thinking. It should incorporate course materials using proper in-text citations and references to support your ideas.
  4. As you write your response to the questions, review the APA 6e Guide on how to cite sources properly.
  5. Before finalizing your work, ensure that you have:
    1. 12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman font
    2. One-inch margins on all sides
    3. Normal character spacing
    4. In-text citations
    5. Title page and reference page (not included in page count)
    6. Properly formatted headings (Introduction, Body, Conclusion, References)
    1. Responded to each question in the activity and used the spelling and grammar check
    2. Used APA format for organization, style, and source credits, including:
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