paper revision family guy enlightenment and romanticsm

Attached is a 6 pages paper. You should make edits according to feeback and grading rubric.


The paper is about relating Family guy to Enlightenment and Romantic philosophies. Try to connect it with philosophies of Kant, Rosseau, Voltaire and their freinds.


there is not a clear thesis that i can build of. THe begining part is too broad and I think the professor will be very harsh on this one

there is an abundance of big words but lack of thesis and illustration of true understanding.

The part were enlightenmnet and romanticsm is explained at first can be removed

In the paper, you are only talking about how funny family guy is and how its reviewed. instead we need to devolop analycal questions about the essence of romanticsm and enlightenmnent in the show. Capitalism was an enlightenment concept for example, we need to address how it is subliminally promoted through the show

Peter is himself at all times. that is also an adord romantic concept because being an individual is the highest form of being

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