i need brand statement and organization chart to be added for the below paper asap gt

Products: Pies, Biscotti’s, Cookies, Cakes, Bread, Mousse Cakes.

Executive Summary: Awareness of high quality baked goods is on the rise. Good bread is a rare combination of nutrition, convenience, and luxury. Today’s consumer has less time to create wholesome, handmade bread, but increasingly appreciates the nutritional and sensory benefits it provides. Good bread provides fiber and carbohydrates in a convenient, low fat form that is portable and delicious. Good bread never goes out of style.

Same time the high-end cakes, cookies and desserts are in demand in the market as people want premium desserts as part of their celebrations.

Bakes of Carmel has been founded by Suresh Lokre an amateur baker with a ton of passion for desserts. He makes sure every baked goods from his bakery are baked to the perfections and he adds his touch of creativity which takes these foods to a next level and tastes beyond the yumminess!

Mission Statement: Bakes of Carmel is here to make and create high end baked foods with finest quality organic ingredients. Our passion, creativity combined with pure ingredients and provide our customers with the best baked food in the market so that they can make it part of their celebrations and memories.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to be the finest bakery in the nation.

Value Proposition Statement: Bakes of Carmel is a place for anyone that wants high-end treats without wanting to spend all the time making them. All of our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Everything in your cookies is made from scratch daily and made without any preservatives. You can be assured that every bite will be the best every time.

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