i need a revision on a paper i will attache the profs comments kindly revise following the comments

Kindly provide quality Plagiarism and grammar free work.

Attached is the instruction document plus the paper I had done plus 2 samples

This is the Ted talk video link https://youtu.be/zwLR23fHBQU

Attached are the documents

There is the one I had done, you can read my teacher’s comments on page 8 or at the end of the assignment.

The other two documents are from two of my classmates who got a really good grade.

The teacher did not say whether I need it to choose a new topic but maybe that will help if you choose a new topic to actually do the assignment well.

Please kindly read the Assignment outline carefully

Assignment Description and Evaluation Criteria

This assignment has a double-focus: a social issue and embracing one’s continued focus.

Firstly, students will individually write a report that focuses on a current social policy issue

that includes an engagement in a related community event. The purpose of this component

of the report is to allow students to experience and develop the connection between what is

seen as an important macro level issue and what is occurring at the micro level, in regard to

a Canadian social policy.

The issue should be one of interest to the student but also directly related to a current

Canadian Social Policy. The issue does not have to be directly related to the early years’

sector but the student should be able to see/discuss the connection to their role as an early

years’ pedagogical leader.

The report will include a brief background of the issue, including sufficient information to

provide the reader with a clear vision of the issue being addressed. Then the student will

include: their own perspective on the issue, as they see the problem; the current social

policy; and the manner in which the issue is being addressed by the invested stakeholders.

The report should be framed to fit the student’s vision of the issue, not to respond to each

of the assignment description points. As well, the report is not limited to the points included

anywhere in this assignment description.

The third component of the report will include the student’s observations, and insights

developed, from attendance to a community event related to the issue chosen.

Finally, the report will end with a summary section of the issue and social policy, and visions

of “where to go from here” (both social policy-wise and personally). If possible, integration

of the learnings from the event will enhance the student’s ability to see the interplay

between macro and micro level decisions.

Grading will include consideration of the following:

1.What is the social policy issue, as situated in 2020? 

2.What are your thoughts and opinions of both the policy and your future as a


3.What do the stakeholders feel and are/are not doing? 

4.What happened at the related community event and what did you learn? How

does this knowledge work together to better assist you in your role as a


5.Recommendations (realistic in nature) and final thoughts. 

6.The paper will be approximately 5-8 pages long and will adhere to APA and all

other degree-level writing expectations.

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