history of christianity paper 02

Choose one of the key concepts listed below as the subject of the signature assignment essay. Write an essay of 1000-1250 words (4-5 pages of text, 12 Font, Times New Roman) and explore its treatment in the context of this period of Christian history (from the post-apostolic age to the medieval age). The essay should demonstrate an ethos of comparing and contrasting the chosen concept in the mindsets of a few important figures (3-4) discussed in the class so as to create a work that is holistic and unified. The goal is to generate a credible representation of the chosen concept found in this period of Christian history but is not diluted by being overly generalized, i.e. trying to explain the thinking of too many historical figures. Importantly, students must offer their own informed opinion arising from their research on the chosen concept. Hence, this essay will require some research in sources beyond what is provided in the textbook. Except for preliminary study and context setting, please avoid Wikipedia as a cited source. Good online sources and traditional books and journals are appropriate for writing the signature assignment essay. Employing NCU’s library databases for research is solid strategy. Also, see me as a resource that can give you direction and assistance as you carry out your research.

A rubric will be posted in Beacon Learning as a means to guide students through the writing process. Essays will be uploaded into Taskstream as a means to gathering assessment data for NCU’s records. The Signature Assignment is due on 3/8/20 by 11:59 PM. This is the last day of the course.


1. The Doctrine of the Trinity

2. The Christological Debates

3. The Sacraments in Christian Practice

4. The Church and Persecution (the cult of Martyrdom)

5. Natural Theology (Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas)

6. The Development of the Creeds

7. The Church and the State

8. Orthodoxy (the nature of correct doctrine) and Heresiology (the nature of false doctrine)

9. Christianity’s Encounter with Islam

10. Scholasticism and the Emergence of the Universities

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