diversity challenges 1

For our first assignment, we will focus on two key course concepts. You will begin to recognize the need to develop work environments that appropriately value, support and engage all employees. Furthermore, you will also being to identify challenges associated with workplace diversity.

Watch the video, “What Would You Do?” and be prepared to answer the questions in the attached assignment description.

Assignment Details:

Watch the “Diversity Challenges – What Would You Do?” Video.Then answer the following two questions:

  • If Felix was hired, describe two challenges the company would have with integrating him into this much more diverse company.
  • Would you hire Felix?Why or Why not?

Submission Requirements:

  • APA format is required, which includes:
    • Title page
    • 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced
    • Reference page, with in-text citations
  • Each question should have an answer of 300-words or more in length.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion

Refer to the next page for the grading rubric.

Students:Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

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