correlation research exercise help excel spreadsheet needed

This is just a ‘measurement’ exercise. You don’t need a literature review. Just make a prediction. Collect data. Analyze it.

To collect data for a Pearson’s correlation you need to have two measures that you predict are related in some way, generally two bits of data from the same person. It needs to be interval or ratio data.

Collect 20 pairs of data. Make a prediction about significance and direction.

To collect data, use other members of the class. Go to Google Sheets and set up a public sheet that anyone with the link can edit. At the top of the sheet (you might want to merge several cells to allow for a big blank cell to write in) say what two things to enter. An example (but not a good one) would be height and number of shoes that you own. So, two columns below the instructions could say Height and Shoes. Other students simply go in and enter two things and quit. There is no save button, it saves automatically.

Analyze it. You can save it as Excel. It should have the data, the results. You can write under the data (use another merged block). A handy way is to highlight a bunch of cells and use the ‘Merge’ command. Then, you can write a statement about what you did to collect the data, what the DV was, the significance or lack of it, and if significant the direction and what it might mean.

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