choose one of the female or african american psychologists provided in the list provided at the end of these instructions look up to see if they have a wikipedia page

The final project for this course is to choose one of the Female or African American psychologists provided in the list provided at the end of these instructions. Look up to see if they have a Wikipedia page. If they do not have a Wikipedia page, write a paper which would be your Wikipedia entry for them. If they do have a Wikipedia page, critique the existing page for accuracy, proper citations, and detail. If the Wikipedia entry has inaccurate or sparse details, describe how you will fix the Wikipedia entry.

Your final critique should be two to three pages double-spaced and should include a reference page with sources you referred to in addressing accuracy and detail on your chosen figure.

Mamie Phipps Clark

Inez Prosser

Kenneth Clark

Olivia Hooker

Herman George Canady

George Steele

Alberta Turner

Reginald Wilson

Jennifer Richeson

Beverly Tatum

Robert V. Guthrie

James Bayton

Albert Beckham

Carlton Goodlet

Ruth Howard

Howard Long

James Thomas Morton

Francis Cecil Sumner

Joseph White

Charles Henry Turner

Roger Williams

Frederick Watts

Howard Wright

Na’im Akbar

William Cross

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