answer questions based on reading 1 page writing


Focus: Risk Management Planning

Questions for the case: (replacing the questions in the business case). Each question is 20% of assignment grade.

Please limit your response to one page, and number your responses.

  1. Who should he involved in the process of developing the risk management plan in this case?
  2. Should risk management planning be performed in the proposal stage or after contract award, assuming that it must be done? Please explain
  3. Can the customer expect the contractor to perform risk analysis even if it is not called out in the contract? Please explain
  4. If you were the PM on this, what would be your top 2 arguments to convince the sponsor that a risk management plan is required?
  5. In class we discussed that the level of investment in a risk management plan may vary. What should be the investment in this case, and why?

please ignore the questions in the article, only answer these 5 questions . for question no.5, the investment should focus on not only capital, but also other resources such as time.

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