1500 words essay about three designs hip hop subculture

Write a short essay within the word count of 1500 words. In your essay, you must use three design examples, two from fashion, one from music.

Reference List must consists of at least 1 academic book (print), 1 academic journal article (print/online), and 4-6 non-academic sources (print/online)

Essay Question:

A particular subculture may be defined by their shared sense of identity – it is how they distinguish themselves as a group. Pick a subculture and consider the role of designed objects in shaping their identity as a cultural group. In your response, consider the following:

• The mainstream culture it is reacting to

• Ideological roots

• Social backgrounds e.g. education, class, age

• Visual identifiers, taste and habits

—- I pick Hip Hop as a subculture. I chose two designers in fashion are Virgil Abloh and Dan Dapper. The other one in music is Beyonce (you can pick one of Beyonce’s album and her creative creator is Andrew Makadsi). Pick one design from Virgil and Dan Dapper; reflect on their designs and contributions to Hip Hop subculture, what are the signifiers from their design. Comparison between Hip Hop culture before and now. Identify their identity in the subculture.

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