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Activity 11.2

In a short essay of about 200-300 words describe three specific moments in which Chaplin made “people talk” on film in Modern Times. Also, this may be one of the three moments, what is the “joke” Chaplin played regarding his “Little Tramp” character?

Additional information

Lesson 11.1 Sound in Film

Sound in Film History


Diagetic versus Non Diagetic Sound in Film: (Note: the narrator in this video has a fairly thick German accent so you may need to watch more than once.)

For our purposes I want you to get the idea of Diagetic (the dialogue and sounds that come from objects on the screen/in the scene) versus Non-diagetic (things like the music sound track accompanying a scene).


Lesson 11.2 A Short Bio of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977), Director, Producer, Actor, Composer


Lesson 11.3 Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times

When we get to the activity for this module I will be asking you about the diagetic moments in the film. Chaplin was resistant to advent of sound in film and he plays around with adding sound in this movie. Then he plays a wonderful “joke” on the audience when his famous silent “Little Tramp” character actually is heard on film. Pay particular attention to moments in the film when you hear people speaking.

Mostly, though, please just enjoy this film.

Modern Times (1936)

Charlie Chaplin


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