you will write a portrait of a chicago neighborhood that blends historical awareness with personal encounter 1

– I got my draft for 3 pages. All I need is to fix my grammar, add more ” transition sentences” to make it more logical. Add more information as needed to 6 PAGES. I picked Beverly in Chicago to write.

Your goal in this assignment is to present a three-dimensional view of the neighborhood that reflects on the tension between its present and its past, between what is visible on the surface and what one must learn about in other ways.

Write as if your intended audience were readers of a newsmagazine such as the Chicago Reader, Chicago Magazine, NewCity, The New Yorker, or The New York Times Magazine, or of a magazine about architecture and urbanism such as Curbed. You can assume that they are generally well-informed and interested in Chicago history.

– Your portrait will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Do you inform the reader about the history of your neighborhood? Do you inform them about the mix of people who live there now? About the neighborhood’s social and economic conditions?
  • Do you bring the neighborhood to life with keen descriptions of its sights, sounds, smells, etc.?
  • Do you reflect on the tension between what you can easily see and what you cannot?
  • Does your first paragraph offer an intriguing glimpse of your neighborhood?
  • Does your final paragraph “sum up” your take on the neighborhood?
  • Is your writing clear and concise?
  • Do your revisions show that you have responded thoughtfully to peer and instructor feedback?
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