writing one page about a presentation

double-spaced, one-page report, will discuss the insights gained

focus on describing the insights I gained during the presentation and how this newly acquired knowledge may affect my future career.

Last class we had a speaker his name Rob Davidson, who is the Director of Operations and CFO of MediaTech, Inc. But his story is truly a journey of opportunity and self-discovery, including being a chef on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, owning a restaurant , running education programs under government contracts, and working in iconic sports venues across the US and Canada.

and here is some point talk about it :

You have to differentiate your product

He see everything is possible .

You must willing to take risk

He enter real estate and said that “ you got have vision , he mention that believing in hime self and with clear visionhe was able to change crappy house to place would someone love to buy it .

You got believe you can bring possible and this is what entrepreneur do

Create your own reality distortion feel .

If you have plan B your taking your eyes from Plan “A” .

Know your passion

Believe in your instincts

Don’t view challenge as hurdles

Build a team of trust

Take care of your people

Take growth step by step

Take calculated risk

Never judge yourself based only on one moment

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