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the book is Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics, 8th edition

Please write a short summary report (two pages) about Supercritical Power Plant Technology. In the course textbook, please review: Chapter 8.3 Improving Performances – Superheat, Reheat, and Supercritical to obtain the introductory information about the topic. You may want to investigate:

1. The overall cycle 2. Related topics on a specific cycle component, like boiler, turbine …etc. 3. Ultrasupercritical power plant 4. Advanced ultrasupercritical power plant

 You will need to use at least three references including articles, papers or books on the topic. You may want access to Science Direct to survey related papers published in the Applied Thermal Engineering and Energy journals or other ASU library resources including. The contents in your report should include:

1. Title 2. Student Name 3. Introduction and Background 4. Schematic of Process 5. Strength and Weakness of Technology 6. Status of R&D and Future Works 7. References

 Please use Size 12, Times New Roman font, and single space paragraphs in your report format

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