revise already written paper based on movie

Before you bid make sure you meet these requirements:

  • You must have access to watch or have watched the movie “A Civil Action” directed by Steven Zaillian.
  • Your English grammar and writing must be that of a native speaker.

I have already written this essay but I need the paper revised in the following ways:

Correct all references so that they are in APA style

Reduce the plagiarism rate by paraphrasing sections that show high plagiarism rate

Make sure that any citations referencing the movie are cited correctly in APA

Tidy up the writing so that it flows better, and ensure that the prompt in the instructions is answered in its totality. If you need to take out or add parts after watching the movie please do so.

Goal is to have less than 10% plagiarism on the scanner. Currently I am at 21%.

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