question for the prologue and first chapter of the zuni man woman

The attached file is the prologue and first chapter of The Zuni Man-Woman

Answer each questions below at least 300 words.

  1. Roscoe tells us that Zuni society was matrilineal and matrilocal. What were the gender roles like for men and women in Zuni society? How were they different from American society (both contemporary and traditional)? Roscoe talks about the “high status and economic independence of women.” What does he mean? What problems faced by women in American society (and in other patriarchal societies) were nonexistent in Zuni society? How were men’s roles different in Zuni society?
  2. Roscoe tells us about the role of the Zuni berdache. What was this role? What kind of status did berdaches have in Zuni society? How did Spaniards and Americans view the berdache differently?
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