principles of social media marketing tool tutorial ppt presentation

A good marketing professional is up-to-date on available technology and trends and also competent in terms of assessing appropriateness, practicality and relevance in their adoption/implementation to reach and engage customers, including risks involved in such use.

With that in mind, you will present a PPT “Tool Tutorial” presentation and facilitate a discussion about its use in the social landscape. You will also relate the assigned chapter content to the tool in your presentation and discussion.

Social Media “Tool Tutorial”:

Presenter Expectations:

You will be the a presenter/facilitator of discussion.

1. Create a business professional PPT presentation for Canava

First and foremost – teach us something about the marketing potential of your tool. What is interesting? What might we not know or expect? Stay focused on the business application. In the assignment, you are a marketer not a consumer. Some tools will have obvious application. Others might have a more tangential relationship.

Second and also very important – using Canava as the basis, teach us about the chapter content assigned to you. Each of these tools is designated to a particular chapter from your textbook. Find the content that is applicable to your tool to include in your presentation. This content should be included where appropriate in your presentation. You may begin with “in our text…” and then make the connections for us. Merely telling us that it is social entertainment or defining a vocabulary word or two does not fulfill this part of the assignment.

2. Presentation time ~ 15 minutes

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