its about media pop culture analysis essay for this essay you need to search for a media clip or a pop culture phenomenon of your choosing for example you often refer cite how american music specially during the 60s and 70s include anti war commentary

  • Media/Pop Culture Analysis Essay: 100 points

An analytical essay means that you need to formulate and present an argument (your thesis) about what you are analyzing. You can analyze a scene in a film, a music video, lyrics, a commercial, etc. An argument/thesis is essential in writing because it allows you to organize and outline your ideas, thoughts, and reasoning as you find research to support your claims. Once you have an argument/thesis, you will be able to intellectually situate yourself within the texts, using those texts as supporting evidence for further analysis. We all have opinions; the goal here is to be concise with your writing and to professionally and thoughtfully engage with the readings to (in)form your own arguments.

For this essay, you will be asked to search for a media clip or a pop culture phenomenon of your choosing. It’s best to do a “close examination/reading” on the media/pop culture clip of your choosing. That way, you can analyze the subtext/undertones of it and form your own arguments/thoughts. For example, I often refer/cite how American music, specifically during the 60s and 70s, include anti-war commentary about the Viet Nam War. Why is this important? What are the lyrics suggesting about peace and the cultural suppression of ideologies and autonomy? Another example could be how do female artists use their songs to challenge patriarchy? Or, another topic to visit is how do female directors subvert the male gaze or flip the script in their own films?

If you are citing dialogue from the movie or lyrics from any songs, you must cite them as well. Check the Owl Purdue website for citation formats.

You must cite at least 2 of the assigned readings. You are welcome to reference any videos as additional class materials, but those are not class readings. One reading must be from the book and the second reading can be an online Canvas reading. You are always welcome to engage with other non-assigned readings from the textbook as well.

This essay will need to be about 3-4 pages. A minimum of approximately 3 full pages but no more than 5 pages, excluding your Works Cited page, is required. This essay will be due on Week 8 via Turnitin. I recommend you taking a look at the Writing Template, located in the “Rubrics” folder.

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