information systems for business and beyond 3

Please review the Chapter 5 & 6 from the above pdf and complete the below homework in your own words

Chapter 5 Homework:

1. What were the first four locations hooked up to the Internet (ARPANET)?

2. What does the term packet mean?

3. Which came first, the Internet or the World Wide Web?

4. What was revolutionary about Web 2.0?

5. What was the so-called killer app for the Internet?

6. What makes a connection a broadband connection?

7. What does the term VoIP mean?

8. What is an LAN?

9. What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet?

10. What is Metcalfe’s Law?

Chapter 6 Homework:

1. Briefly define each of the three members of the information security triad.

2. What does the term authentication mean?

3. What is multi-factor authentication?

4. What is role-based access control?

5. What is the purpose of encryption?

6. What are two good examples of a complex password?

7. What is pretexting?

8. What are the components of a good backup plan?

9. What is a firewall?

10. What does the term physical security mean?

APA Format

No Plagiarism/Spinbot/Synonymic Words

Minimum of 4 Peer Reviewed References

In-Text Citations mandatory

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