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Watch: Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace (11:26 min.)

Knowledge sharing is a key condition that supports high performance, and functioning as a learning organization contributes toward this end. What can managers do to encourage learning behaviors and the exchange of ideas? The enclosed talk covers one of the most relevant concepts for team and organizational learning–psychological safety.

  • Watch: Creating a Consistent Employee Experience at The Walt Disney Company. (5:51 min.)

    Brand alignment refers to HR policies, practices, and programs that support or are congruent with the organization’s overall culture or brand. Achieving a high level of brand alignment requires that multiple parties, such as HR, communications, and marketing to name a few, collaborate to create and communicate the value of the brand. In the attached video, you will hear how this process worked inside a well-know organization- The Walt Disney Company.

Watch: 6 Barriers to Becoming a High-Performance Organization (3:28 min)

for the reading part i have attached summary for the chapter that will save your time .( see attachment )

Your response to the discussion questions must address both parts and must be at least 150 words.

Part I: Based on the assigned reading and videos, identify and explain something that you found interesting or were able to connect to your own work experiences. Why did this particular concept stand out among others?

Part II: Robert Soolah is director of HR for a fictional company that creates information technology products and solutions. Recently, the company acquired a mid-sized software manufacturer. After the acquisition, Robert realized that the culture within his organization was changing due to the competition among the “old” and “new” employees. Robert decided to implement a series of HR initiatives aimed at increasing the collaboration among all employees and creating a culture of team-building and respect. He designed an interpersonal skills training course that focused on positive communication and collaboration. He created an internal website where employees could voice their concerns about the acquisition and ask questions about future roles and the direction of the organization. He produced a 360-degree performance feedback system that gave both old and new employees an opportunity to evaluate their colleagues. Finally, he added a team-based incentive to the compensation program to reward employees based on meeting group goals. Six months after initiating these practices, he wants to evaluate and report on their effectiveness.

What advice and recommendations would you give Robert regarding his desire to evaluate these practices? (Note: try to integrate specific concepts from the reading in your response).

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